Hazel English Lets Us Vicariously Enjoy The 60s In “Off My Mind”

Big hair, beauty pageants, and amusement parks

Photo: Janelle Shirtcliff

Hazel English transports us back to the. 60s in her new video “Off My Mind” where people weren’t caught up becoming the next viral TikTok influencer or IG Storying their mood and actually living in the moment. “Off My Mind” is a chic video that captures the fashion, social dynamics, and pop culture of the post-WWII era. But within the clips of commercial-worthy happiness, you can catch a glimpse of the forced smiles, showing us that there’s no such thing as the perfect era:

“‘Off My Mind’ is about feeling stuck in a situation but too afraid to make a move. It’s about the limbo state between where you are and where you want to be,” shared Hazel.

The track is from Hazel’s upcoming record Wake Up!, which will be out on April 24th.