Jamie Isaac’s ‘3’ Ft. Nosaj Thing Is Your Breakup Party Record

Cry, dance, and stare

Photo: Logan Fields

Whether you cry like a toddler, dance like Beyoncé or stare outside in your friend’s balcony, everybody has their own idiosyncratic way of handling a breakup. Whatever you do, Jamie Isaac’s EP 3 featuring Nosaj Thing is perfect for all kinds of methods to mend a heartbreak. Yes, it sounds more like it belongs to the dancefloor, but you don’t need a DJ and bunch of happy drunkards to throw a breakup party. From shimmering house to slow-burning indietronica, 3 navigates through the pain and newfound freedom of becoming solo again:

“I love the tongue in cheek-ness of having really sad lyrics and putting them to a happy beat,” explained Jamie on the theme of the EP, “The lyrics are about what I’ve been through over the last half year – being with somebody for the last five or six years and not being with them anymore. I guess all the records I do are breakup records, but this is the breakup record.”