RICEWINE’s “Ocean” Is For Your Mind-Wandering Adventures

Take a dive

Photo: Liam Edwards

Thai-Australian artist RICEWINE embarks on an atmospheric journey into the starry-eyed corners of our psyche in new single “Ocean,” a fluid soundscape of crashing waves and dreamy tints that offers a celestial escape. Whether you’re looking to take a holiday from reality or daydream about your crush, “Ocean” is a place where your neurons can swim delightfully:

On the single, RICEWINE shared: “Through the songwriting and production I aimed to reflect the freedom and beauty of the sea. This is a love song about the ocean. The expression ‘Love as deep as the ocean’ is kind of cliché, but sometimes using a cliché is the best way to describe a feeling. I wanted to make a song that expressed the feeling of being deep in love.”

Talae Rodden is the 20-year-old behind RICEWINE who grew up in a small town outside of Melbourne. During his youth, Talae spent his time visiting family in Thailand where he often felt like an outsider in his own hometown. Talae’s own work are the reflection of his experiences growing up in different worlds. “Ocean” is from Ricewine’s upcoming LP Loveskick, which will be out on April 24.