Amanda Easton’s ‘Polaroids & Postcards’ Is A Record Of Past & Future


Photo: PR courtesy

Sydney-based artist Amanda Easton turns old memories and future hope into a melodic time capsule in her new record Polaroids & Postcards. “I was packing up my Mum’s house when I discovered a box of old letters and photos of mine and it brought back lots of memories! These songs are all from personal experiences – some joy and love, some heartbreak,” the gal shared. Polaroids & Postcards is the third EP from Easton, who has already released two self-penned albums, which include songs that have been placed in the top 10 indie charts in Australia.

The opener “Man Who Fell to Earth” is a eulogy to a deceased artist whom she never met in person, but left an imprint on her childhood. “You broke me when you left me / Even though we never met / I hope the man among the stars is treating you well” she chants. This dark, subtly gothic vibe is present in the following song “Eye to Eye” where she captures the intimate encounter between two people where they open up their vulnerability through their gaze.

Easton leaves this romanticism in “I Saw The Message,” a track that captures the fist-clenching intensity of finding out that your partner may be seeing another person. “I shatter glass to channel heartache / Can this really change us?” chants Easton. But the gal takes a warmer trajectory in her next song “Letter to a Small Boy,” where she imparts words of wisdom about the bittersweet nature of existence to her future child.

In “Polaroids & Postcards,” Easton boxes us into that invigorating moment of revising an old childhood memory where she insists “I’m the same girl It’s the same world.” This is undeniably the most nostalgic moment of the record, but also the most reflective one as Easton reminds us that we remain the same individuals at our core.

Easton wraps up the record with “Rockabilly Blue” that feels like an ode to an old lover or friend. “So much history, runs between us / A cord so strong and lasting” she chants. In this final song, Easton reminds us that no matter how far the past is, we have an unbreakable link to it that keeps drawing us back from time to time. Whether it’s a cherishing or haunting memory, it’s part of us.