Cami Petyn’s Navigates Through Existential Insomnia In “Static”

Dark pop

Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based artist Cami Petyn digs through the darkest corners of our existential sol in new single ‘Static,” a darkly blooming piece of pop smudged with unfiltered doubts and loneliness. “Static” offers a portrait of Cami wrestling with her thoughts during sleepless nights. An edgily eerie piece, the track offers a soothing empathetic space where Cami breaks down our own despair. “The winter when you’re getting old / And all of the mistakes you’ve owned / Will you turn it around turn it around when it’s / It’s cold” she chants. There is a frosty vibe in her silvery vocals that radiate the gut-wrenching feeling we get when we feel we’re too late, still unready, and never enough to go after what we want. But in “Static” Cami helps us overcome those thoughts and eventually accept that it is up to us to create momentum. “So sit yourself up and go / Will you turn it around” she chants. Stream below:

In her own words, Cami shared:

“The song, ‘Static,’ was birthed while having an existential crisis one night. I was panicking about the future, knowing I wanted to pursue music, but at the same time being full of such extreme self-doubt and anxiety. To say it lightly- I was an anxious wreck that night. Until, I decided to try to write about what I was feeling as a form of catharsis. And thus, a couple hours later, ‘Static’ was born. Quite beautiful poetic irony that this is now my debut single as an official artist.”

“Static” was released back in January 24 and is just a glimpse of what Cami has in store for us. Be on the lookout for more beats from the pink-haired rising artist this year.