Cassie Ray’s “Acting Up” Is Your Introduction To Emo Trap

And it’s a delightful indulgence

Photo: PR courtesy

Chicago-based artist Cassie Ray seamlessly brings together the ingredients of trap and emo in his new single “Acting Up,” a slick balladry crafted with minimalistic beats that let Cassie’s vocals deliver the emotional punch of post-heartbreak.  “You’re moving on / Coz he did you wrong” Cassie chants. In “Acting Up,” Cassie tells the narrative of losing it as part of the process of moving on from someone. With tints of emo elements and pulsing rhythm of trap, Cassie presents us with his own avant-garde melodic twist that gives us a pinch of MySpace vintage vibe paired with contemporary hip-hop swag. It feels like a song you would’ve run into in some underground DIY musician’s Tumblr in the early 2000s but at the same time it easily fits into the modern genre-crossbreed trend:

Mathew White is the maestro behind Cassie Ray, who is also a photographer, painter, and fashion enthusiast outside of music. Mathew joined the United States Air Force at the age of 17 after his father passed away. His USAF career has led him to spend time in Guam, where he began making his own music. He is currently serving his active duty in Italy.