Charli Adams’ ‘Good At Being Young’ Is For All Us Who Involuntarily Became Adults

Alternative rock

Photo: Bjorn Franklin

Maybe it’s the new decade or the moon cycle, but lately we’ve realized how much we miss childhood – those days when social media didn’t control your level of happiness and you weren’t being judged for ‘fucking up’ adulting. Charli Adams’ debut EP Good At Being Young pulls our nostalgia strings by re-kindling that boundless sense of hope, enthusiasm, and curiosity that we’ve buried with age. It’s a coming-of-age record, but unlike your other cliché self-realization ones, she admits that such process hurts and we lose a lot as we grow older – yes, it’s exquisite:

On her debut EP, she shared: “Good At Being Young is about the nostalgia of youth and everything that comes with growing up. It’s a concept that has been written about over and over but I believe that’s because it’s one of the most universal emotions. It’s about retrieving the youthful energy we all used to have and reminding yourself to tap back into your inner child when things get too heavy; it’s about capturing that emotion before it’s forgotten.”

Good At Being Young is out now via Color Study.