Acidic Base’s “Tachyon” Is EDM On Cosmic Steroids

Tachyon = a hypothetical particle that travels faster than light

Artwork: PR courtesy

Chicago-based artist Acidic Base gives us a lesson in science with his latest single “Tachyon,” which is a scientific term for a particle that travels faster than light. The track is synth-heavy explosive piece that are characterized by glitchy samples, relentless acid lines and clubby thumps that feel like you’re rocketing to space. It’s dense and also serve as a playground for Acidic Base to experiment with EDM where he gets to add his own thudding dramatic flair to it. And while “Tachyon” doesn’t have lyrics, the track creates a narrative through its sounds where we’re given moments of emotional catharsis and reflection of time and space. Stream below:

Siddharth Goswami is the maestro behind Acidic Base who developed his love for music at the age of six and started taking piano lessons early on. Sid also learned to play the violin for his school orchestra early on and later – like many artists – got into electric guitar, which expanded to drums as well.

On his music, Sid shared: “I believe my music tends to be in the progressive house genre of electronic music. My main inspiration in this genre are deadmau5 and Eric Prydz, though I follow several other artists in various genres. Composing music that tells a story or one that can take the user through a theme is my passion. I see myself working more on complex and dynamic themes in some of my next few releases.”

Be on the lookout for more drops from Acidic Base this year.