Estereomance Explores Social Media Beauty Standards In “Crimson Queen”

70s pop

Photo: Persia Campbell

El Paso/Juarez band Estereomance explores the standards of beauty that social media has built in our society in their new kitsch, 70s pop piece “Crimson Queen.” It’s dreamy and diffuses your consciousness out of reality (aka procrastination) as the airy croons breathes through your ears. But despite this melodic appeal, there is an undeniable sense of melancholia that lingers around as the trio analyze the weird desire to fit into the beauty standards of our feeds:

Estereomance are Adria, Paulina, and Manu who formed in early 2019. Paulina and Adria have been friends for a decade while Manu and Paulina have collaborated in various music projects that have been nominated for Latin Grammys. The trio is currently working on new music, so stay tuned.