deklyn’s “See Right Through Me” Is Highly Groovy & Romantic


Photo: Cath Connell

Aussie duo deklyn brings us a starry-eyed piece of alternative pop titled “See Right Through Me.” Yes, this is another love song but the fluidity of the hip-shaking riffs and glassy synths is an indulgent splendor that you can’t pass. Whether your status is taken or swiping, “See Right Through Me” is a smooth, starry-eyed anthem:

On the song, dekleyn shared:

“The song is about giving so much to a person and becoming so close with them that they know everything about you, even more than you know about yourself. As the relationship begins to break down, it begins to become obvious that the two could never be without each other, “I don’t plan on leaving this feeling at all, this is all I have.”

The duo will be hosting a single launch party in Sydney, so don’t miss them:

2/15 – Factory Floor (Sydney, Australia)