The Golden Age Of TV’s “Me, You, And A Dog” Is For Everyone Who Is Ready To Take The Next Step

And by next step, we mean getting a dog

Photo: Solay Elibol

Art-rock quintet The Golden Age of TV gives us an abnormal love song about taking the next step titled “Me, You, and a Dog.” The song, as the title implies, is about getting a dog with your partner – which is not necessarily a traditional form of commitment but you’re telling them that you want to take care of another living being…together. Through playful chords and quirky riffs, The Golden Age of TV captures the joy of starting a new canine chapter:

On the single, Be Fletcher shared: “It’s a playful love song about wanting to take a big step in a relationship. Though, y’know, staying pretty casual about it – hence the lyrics at the end ‘if you want to do nothing, that’s alright too’. Getting a dog on your own is a big commitment, but doing it with a partner is a nice way of saying you wanna hang out with them for another 10+ years.”

“Me, You, and a Dog” is from their upcoming debut self-titled EP, which will be out on March 13th. They will also be touring in March:

3/26 – Oporto (Leeds, UK)

3/27 – The Finsbury Pub (London, UK)