Carrousel Takes Us Into The World Of Dracula In “Psychobabble Drama”

What an amazing track name

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LA-based duo Carrousel gives us a cinematic throwback of Dracula in their new video “Psychobabble Drama” – a hauntingly dark and eerily captivating video directed by Dylan Plyfair. The video showcases the duo playing with footages of the iconic film, bringing two worlds into one:

“The idea was to integrate footage from Dracula with us as we were playing,” explained Carrousels’ Joel Piedt, “on the walls, on our instruments and faces, so that we’re totally immersed in it.”

“Psychobabble Drama” is from Carrousel’s upcoming album Magnificent Desolation, which will be out in the spring. They’re currently hosting their February residency at Hotel Café in Los Angeles.