Great News Gives Us A Diagnosis Of Our Overconsumption Epidemic In “Greedy Little Things”

Daze pop

Photo: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

Norwegian trio Great News analyzes the overconsumption habit of our society in new single “Greedy Little Things.” Whether you’re overconsuming artificial flavors, social media, gluten, horoscopes, iPhones, Amazon packages, etc., “Greedy Little Things” is a visceral and spinning anthem that punches the egocentric consciousness we’ve built through materialism. Hit play:

“It’s a song that came along very quickly, it sort of wrote it self. It’s about how we consume too much, and how we measure happiness through materialism. It’s just wrong,” shared Great News.

Great News are Even Kjelby (vocals, guitar), Ole Kristian Einarsen (bass), and Lars Henrik Stoud Platou (drums) who broke into the scene with their debut LP Wonderfault in late 2017. The trio is currently getting to roll out their sophomore LP Now and Them, which will be arrive on April 17th.