Thyla’s EP ‘Everything At Once’ Is An 80s Dream Pop Marvel

A retro-esque EP

Photo: Sapphire Needham

Brighton quartet Thyla takes us on an 80s journey filled with chest-swelling tones, glowing synths, and cathartic epidsodes in their EP Everything At Once. It’s a four-track record that captures their playful dexterity in crafting a hybridized sound of rock’n’roll and dream pop. Stream below:

“We called the EP Everything At Once because that ‘sound’ we’ve been nurturing for so long is now screaming back at us,” frontwoman Millie Duthie explained. “We’ve been careful not to put any restraints on and as a result there are many sides to Thyla. it’s difficult to put what it is that defines it into words, but it’s here!”

Catch Thyla onstage tonight:

07 Feb – Brighton Electric (Brighton,UK)