BIIANCO Celebrates Messy, Rule-Breaking Romance In “Chlorine”

Fun fact: BIIANCO almost got hit by buses while shooting the video

Photo: Chase Leonard

LA artist BIIANCO captures the chaotically thrilling nature of young love in new single “Chlorine,” a hypnotic edgy pop piece that is slashed with the invincible sensation of youth paired with cinematic hope. The video, shot by Todd MacDonald, shows BIIANCO wandering around the streets of Hackney in London where the gal got almost hit by buses twice. But the risk was worth it:

On her new single, BIIANCO explained:

“‘Chlorine’ is about blind, manic, punch-drunk, young love.  It was inspired by a whirlwind high school romance I had that reminded me so much of Rue and Jules’ romance from Europhia.  For me, this romance was the essence of wild young love and the reckless abandon that comes with it.  It involved many summer nights of sneaking out our bedroom windows and running barefoot through suburb streets (which is the exact image that inspired the line, ‘out in the suburbs we’re hunting for lovers and I’m what you waited for’).

With both the song and the music video, I wanted to bottle up the feeling that romance like that feels psychedelic in nature.  It bends reality.  It makes you feel younger.  It urges you to break rules.   I played with production that morphed my voice and beats that mimicked driving heartbeats to sonically symbolize these themes.  For the music video, we shot it in two takes on random streets in Hackney London when I was on tour there.  It was completely improvised to capture a breathless vibe and the effects were added to drive home the concept that love feels like a drug.  ‘Chlorine’ is ode to wild nights, warm kisses, breaking the rules and climbing into your bed with dirty feet and the smell of chlorine on your skin.”

BIIANCO has shows coming up:

2/10 – Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

2/19 – Secret Sessions (London, UK)