Dagny Is Fangirl Royalty In New Video “Come Over”

And there are puppies in the video

Photo: PR courtesy

Norwegian poptress Dagny pours out her fangirl love towards shirtless firemen with puppies in her new video “Come Ove.” A playful, tongue-in-cheek track, “Come Over” captures the goosebumps-rising phase of romance when you’re getting to know someone. The video shows a glammed up Dagny who lives the life of a royalty filled with glitters, tea, and fanzines:

On her new video, Dagny shared: “I am beyond excited to finally introduce ‘Come Over’, the first single from my upcoming debut album. The song is a pretty self explanatory, cheeky little thing that celebrates the ‘meet and greet’: phase of a (potential) relationship. Let me put it like this: if you meet someone you’re intrigued by, then ‘Come Over’ is your fearless, ballsy and excited invitation to get to know’em…particularly if they are a fireman who likes puppies.”

“Come Over” is from Dagny’s upcoming debut record, which will be out later this year.