L.A. Rochelle Processes Grief Through Stunning Choreography In “No More (Encore)”


Photo: PR courtesy

London-based, French artist L.A. Rochelle shares a deeply personal and tragic story of his two friends in his new single “No More (Encore).” The song is influenced by his two flatmates in Paris, where one took the life of the other. The two have been hiding their relationship due to one of the partner’s fear of exposing his sexuality to his family. After the tragic event, L.A. Rochelle flew to LA and dealt with his grief through songsmithing – “No More (Encore)” was born:

In his own words, the song is “a beautiful poem to my friendship with both of those who changed my life forever.”

L.A. Rochelle has worked with Scratch Massive, soundtracked Lars Von Trier feature, and composed many songs for numerous fashion and art events around Europee.