Gigi Rowe’s “Brigitte Bardot” Is A Glamorous Throwback Of 60s Sex Goddess

Glossy pop

Artwork: PR courtesy

Gigi Rowe pays homage to 60s icon in her new single “Brigitte Bardot” where she shuffles through classic Hollywood names while channeling a risqué vibe. There’s a retro charm to the song where the chic bounciness and playful emit an irresistible glamour. Hit play:

On her new single, the gal shared:

“Monroe, Garland, Harlow, Bardot. I love the way the names of these icons sound (and sing) together. Inspired by the lore of vintage Hollywood and glamorous photos of the French Riviera, I wrote Brigitte Bardot. I lived in London for about a year, where I got the chance to stay in a very romantic and beautiful home in an enchanting neighborhood. In the dining room was a stunning black and white framed photo of Brigitte Bardot and that image of her has stayed with me.”

Originally from New Jersey, Gigi currently lives in LA where you can spot her wearing her wigs and heart-shaped sunglasses – yep, she’s that gal.