Ruben Dawnson’s “FYALMA” Is The Grooviest Farewell To Anxiety

Fuck You Anxiety Leave Me Alone

Photo: PR courtesy

Norwegian artist Ruben Dawnson sends the grooviest and most uplifting midfinger to anxiety in his new single “FYALMA,” which stands for ‘Fuck You Anxiety Leave Me Alone.” Through carefree lyrics and quirky melodic flair, Ruben shares his own journey of mental health while shifting the power dynamics:

On his new single, Ruben shared:

“This is by far the most liberating song I’ve ever written! It’s a big fuck you anthem to anxiety! Like many others I’ve been struggling with it for a long time… hopefully this can lift people’s spirit and I hope people will connect with it and scream out the lyrics!! I really want it to reach as many as possible and help create a big ‘fuck you’ wave towards anxiety!! I know it won’t solve any deep issues people might have, but hopefully it can make someone feel less lonely.”

Ruben is a self-taught musician who grew up in a small city outside of Oslo. He has won the Red Bull Sound Select 2017 and has garnered attention for his genreless sound. He’s currently working on new music.