LOVER’s New Video “Waiting Up” Ft. Cult Shϕtta Is Proof That Change Is Scary

The horror film we’ve been waiting for

Photo: Jayemol

As the world around us starts getting ready with Valentine’s Day with red glitter, LOVER shares his video “Waiting Up” ft. Cult Shϕtta where he takes us on an Exorcism-esque noir thriller. It’s a stunning depiction of a meltdown as LOVER captures the anxiety we face during moments of life transitions. Watch below:

On the video, LOVER shared:

“This video was made with the intention of mixing the thriller and film noir genres. We decided to edit in black and white and use anamorphic lenses to give that closed-in, anxious feeling. It was an unexpectedly difficult project for us as it was the first time Jayemol and I directed and shot a video with an emotional narrative. After many (many many) late nights drinking and editing we finally got it to a place which we are happy with! Huge shout out to The Pill Factory in Bundanoon for having us, Patrick Bahi, Tim Doherty and Jesse Campos for their help in filming this. Also a huge shout to Cult Shotta for coming through with an amazing verse and lots of energy. We hope you enjoy the video and be sure to let us know what you think.”

“Waiting Up” is out now via Mammal Sounds Records.