Amy Milner Teaches Us The Key To Happiness In New Single “Plans”

Indie-folk pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Suffolk-based artist Amy Milner gives us a lesson on finding contentment in her new indie-folk pop single “Plans.” Through upbeat waves of riffs and booming vocals, “Plans” is a mood-booster that lets us step out of our daily chaos and to-dos to focus on what really matters to our core:

On her new single, Amy shared:

“It’s easy to get stuck in our ways and end up dragging our heels, ticking boxes and not giving much thought to the things that truly make us happy. ‘Plans’ is an expression of reassessment and hope upon meeting someone who puts the heart back into living, opens your eyes to things you didn’t realise mattered so much. The song brings together two people who are largely opposite in character, making the pull of each to the other quite unexpected. No matter how successful you could become in your job, or skillful you might be in your discipline, the key to true contentment is surely to love, be loved and spread happiness by embracing your own? ‘Plans’ is the title track of my new self-released EP, a collection of songs that pivot on a theme of positivity through difficulty/complication (to which the counterpart will be released later this year). It is a playful number, which builds over a catchy guitar loop, making use of organic instruments and interlocking vocal lines which add excitement and illustrate the joyful sentiment at the song’s core.”

The track is from Amy’s new EP Plans, which is out now.