Aradia Sends A Message Of Female Empowerment In “No One Can Stop You”


Artwork: PR courtesy

Brooklyn-based, independent artist Aradia brings back the disco ball sparks of 80s pop and amplifies it with modern synth touch in her new single “No One Can Stop You.” Graced with self-empowering lyrics, it’s a feminist hymn where Aradia unapologetically chants about being unstoppable and independent while keeping us high with the retro pop euphoria. “It’s different for us / No longer second class / No longer beauties / That let ourselves be used” she chants. The fluorescent melody paired with bursting dreamy moments make “No One Can Stop You” a march-ready track that feels both a call and celebration:

In her own words, the gal explained:

“It’s just time – time for women and girls to Rise and Shine, not in a ‘fight’ against society, but as an example of what empowerment looks like, and what mutual respect and connection looks like. I want my music to be an inspiration for listeners, a beacon of hope that changes your mood if you’re in a bad one and gets you out of your head and into the world.”

Aradia was born and raised in New York where she started studying music at a young age, but quickly decided to abandon conventional education and pursue her own path. She learned to play guitar and sang in various bands crafting her own sound. After bouncing from NYC to Seattle to LA, Aradia finally resettled in NYC where she is now working on her upcoming record. Her previous releases, including her debut album Citizen of Earthand “CEO,” garnered critical acclaim across college radio stations and press. Be on the lookout for more news from Aradia this year.