Mountain Soundsystems’ “ORMUS” Is Alchemy To Your Ears

No words, just pure ambience

Photo: PR courtesy

Seattle-based artist Mountain Soundsystem swirls our brain waves into the vortex of his upbeat, introspective sound in his new single “ORMUS.” In case you don’t know what ORMUS is, it stands for orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements, which is made up of substances that have been attributed with superpower properties. It’s pseudoscience, but Mountain Soundsystem manages to channel its alchemic characteristics through the dexterous arrangements of synthesizers, thrashing bass, cutting beats, and swelling ambience. “ORMUS” feels meditative and it’s the kind of music you would seek when you need some sonic healing from the everyday monotony of modern life. There are no lyrics, but that’s what makes “ORMUS” such a welcoming treat as Mountain Soundsytem inundates you with blood-pumping rhythms that lets you declutter your headspace:

Jared Sand is the maestro behind Mountain Soundsystem who is quickly making a name for himself in the Seattle music scene where he has headlined the Seattle HempFest. He has also played across iconic local venues including The Lofi, Club Contour, and the Funhouse. Currently working on new music, you can expect to hear more from Mountain Soundsytem this year.