PicStitch Shows Us An Edgier Side Of Reggae

Listen to “Don Dadda” And “Ram Dancehall”

Photo: PR courtesy

Based in Poconos, PA, PicStitch is a reggae artist that knows how to pay tribute to the classic roots of the genre while adding his own progressive touch to it. He’s a multi-talented artist who knows how to deliver high-tempo choruses paired with hip-shaking beats that showcase an edgier style. In his latest single “Don Dadda,” he swings between smooth and drill tones that showcases his own maverick side. It’s reggae, but there’s a kick to its melodic fluidity that yield a hypnotic sharpness to its rhythm. Anchored by multisyllabic layers of rhymes, funky drums, cutting timbres, and buoyant horns, “Don Dadda” is the kind of waltz that invites you into the dancefloor:

If “Don Dadda” lures you, then “Ram Dancehall” catapults you to the peak of grooviness. It’s a far more visceral and quirkier track where the colorful chords yield a subtly tongue-in-cheek feel. Within the upbeat harmony, there is an indulgent fluidity to it that is anchored by the ambience and PicStitch’s vocals. The track makes a nod to the classic 60s style, but also flaunts an invigorating flair that channels PicStitch’s ambition to protect the genre’s roots and at the same time add his own sonic embellishments to it. Stream below:

PicStitch is a seasoned artist who has previously worked with other artists including Sizzla, Half Pint, Mighty Diamond, Trilla U, and many more. He has received Grammy nomination for his works as a producer and continues to revolutionize the reggae sound through his own works as well with other musicians.