Beauty Queen Reminisces The Joy Of Walking In “Sweet Memory”

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Photo: Taylor Thompson

Maui-born, LA-based artist Beauty Queen shares the joy of walking in new single “Sweet Memory.” Accompanied by a music video, Beauty Queen uses an equal dose of dreamy ambience and hooky pop gloss that yield a soundscape with a classy feel to it. The video showcases a date where you get stuck with someone whom you wish you could ditch but can’t…coz you’re at your house:

In her own words, “I wrote the first line of ‘Sweet Memory’ during one of my 2.2-mile walking commutes from the ramen restaurant I worked at, to the eight bedroom house I lived in during my time in San Francisco. I couldn’t take the bus because I get motion sickness…so needless to say I got a lot of exercise when I lived there. Walking at night was so peaceful, yet, I did find there to be moments when someone would be striding towards me and I’d wonder…who is this person? Why are they walking? To where? From where? I liked living in a walking city because I got to see a lot of people in their day to day.”

Katie Iannitello is the mastermind behind Beatuy Queen who grew up listening to 50s pop and doo-wop, and played the piano as a teen. It wasn’t’ until she reached her 20s that she started making her own music. she released her debut EP Out of Touch in 2019 and has been songsmithing non-stop since. She has a show tonight in LA and will be hitting the road this spring:

2/20: Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo

4/1: Salt Lake City, UT @ Gold Blood Coll

4/2: Denver, CO @ Broadway Roxy

4/3: Wichita, KS @ Kirby’s

4/4: Norman, OK @ Opolis

4/5: Tulsa, OK @ Soundpony

4/7: Houston, TX @ Wonky Power

4/8: Corpus Christi, TX @ Nasa

4/9: San Antonio, TX @ Limelight

4/10: Austin, TX @ Mohawk

4/11: El Paso, TX @ Love Buzz

4/12:  Albuquerque, NM @ Moonlight Lounge

4/13: Bisbee, AZ @ The Quarry

4/14: Phoenix, AZ @ Lunchbox

4/15: Las Vegas, NV @ Groundswell Coffee

4/16: San Diego, CA @ Good Friday

4/17: Tijuana, MX @ Moustache

4/18: Santa Ana, CA @ FTG Warehouse