Benji Lewis’ EP ‘Here, Then And Now’ Is A Timeless Mood-Booster


Photo: Sean Pyke

LA-based Aussie artist Benji Lewis has finally unveiled his new fourth EP Here, Then and Now, a collection of five tracks where he navigates through romance, growth, and restarts. Through cozy upbeat rhythms and slickly burning atmosphere, Benji crafts a buoyant soundscape where he gives a birds-eye perspective to his listeners regarding all the changes that have happened. The EP includes two previously unreleased singles “No Alibi” and “Promise,” where Benji taps back into the past and learns self-love from heartbreak:

On his new EP, Benji shared: “This ep is a little different from my earlier material, but it’s what I found myself naturally creating and wanting to make at the time. It’s more pop and R&B inspired with some upbeat vibes and a lot more guitar. The stories are very personal as always and give plenty of insight to how I’ve been feeling over the last year or so. I hope these songs lift you up and bring some warmth to your days.”

 Here, Then and Now is available via all platforms.