Chrysalism Captures The Last Seconds Of Impending Doom In “Forget Me”

And it’s very relaxing

Photo: Akira Trees

Rather than trying to squeeze in all the intensity and oh-fuck moments, Chrysalism takes a Xanax approach towards capturing the last few seconds before death arrives in new video “Forget Me.” It’s a lo-fi track that is ominously romantic and soothing as the airy chords lifts you into a state of reflective indulgence while you savor the last few minutes the lovers spend together before crossing the other side. Enjoy:

“’Forget Me’ is about car crashing with your lover at the speed of 130 BPM. It’s about those few frames of saying goodbye. Like an old French movie. A small melancholic gesture. A smile. He leaves. This time for good,” shared Chrysalism.

“Forge Me” is from his upcoming EP Your Name Here, which will be out on March 6th.  Originally from Prague, Chrysalism moved to London to purse music as well as the visual arts. He has shot live videos for other artists including (sandy) Alex G and Elvis Depressedly.