Citizen Kay Questions Lamestream Media In “Funny Business” Ft. Genesis Owusu

And it’s funkin groovy

Photo: PR courtesy

Aussie artist Citizen Kay taps into our highly questionable relationship with lamestream media and how it affects our perceptions in new video “Funny Business” ft. Genesis Owusu. With a combination of risqué, smoky choruses and hear-racing beats, Citizen Kay lets us spin within the funk-filled soundscape as we reflect on our daily sources of information. The video, directed by Nic Vevers, features the duo driving across the city in classic suits:

Regarding the track, Citizen Kay shared: “The track explores our relationship with mainstream media and how we’re expected to trust it all without question. People need to find their own truths. Stop adopting everything you read or see without researching it for yourself.”

Citizen Kay will be releasing more music soon, so stay tuned.