Emmett Kai Walks Through The First-Time Memories In “Remember My Name”

Darkwave pop

Photo: Giselle Keena

Brooklyn-based artist Emmett Kai walk us through the novel rush, confusion, and thrill of first time experiences in new single “Remember My Name.” Anchored by melancholic undertones, “Remember My Name” offers a heart-squeezing dancing soundscape where Emmet evokes our memories of first kiss, love, sex, and drugs. The video features Emmett in the shadows as he recalls his own personal experiences:

In his own words, “This song dances around the first time experience. First kiss, connection, love, drugs. I spent a month of 2019 summer in between touring to write new material and seclude myself from big city nonsense. I wanted to capture the rawest version of myself. I didn’t listen to music, and I didn’t hangout with many people other than my family. In this time I wrote many poems and essays, as I always do, but a few specifically stood out when I was writing to this song. A few essays I had written focused on the ‘first timers’ narrative where I shared versions of myself and others going through experiences like love, sex, drugs, mistakes, etc. The line, ‘even the horses breath with me but not for long’ was an image of horses being the only other animal aside from dogs that can read human emotion. It would be the staple line of the song Remember My Name. To me.”

Emmett will be playing alongside Future Generations at The Sultan Rom on April 2nd in Brooklyn, so don’t miss him.