Maddie Jay’s “The Peanut Butter Song” Is About Bad Relationships & Sugar

Sweet & toxic

Photo: Lizzie Steimer

LA-based artist Maddie Jay gives us a smoothly captivating anthem that sounds perfect for procrastinating and re-evaluating our diets called “The Peanut Butter Song.” Lyrically, Maddie uses the creamy or crunchy metaphor to break down a toxic relationship that looks healthy on the outside, but it’s not. Through immersive lo-fi waves and pinch of psychedelia, she helps us see the sweet toxicity of certain things in life:

On her new song, Maddie explained: “‘The Peanut Butter Song’ came to be while I was trying to find a way to describe some toxic relationships in my life. They can be so hard to spot, and in fact a lot of red flags can come across as super appealing right off the bat. Things like ‘You are so unhappy/unorganized, let me help you get your life together’ or ‘I want to help you with your career!’ It all sounds great at first but there can be some really manipulative and controlling behaviors tied in with that kind of stuff. It’s like when people fall prey to health trends and healthy looking packaging, but in reality what they are eating is PACKED with sugar and is soo bad for you. I like finding silly ways to talk about serious things.”​​​​​​​

Originally from Canada, Maddie moved to the US to pursue her career as bass player, which eventually ended up with her making songs on her laptop. Be on the lookout for more music from Maddie soon.