Public Practice Addresses Our Morality Vs. Materialism Debate In “Compromised”

New wave-infused, disco pop

Photo: Okay Ogut

Bringing back the vintage vibe of 70s paired with the edginess of new wave, Public Practice makes us wanna dance somewhere lost in space and time in their new single “Compromised.” It’s the kind of moody disco pop that hits you with the existential thought am-I-being-bad-at-life while also letting you indulge and unleash all those cluttering thoughts through motions. Watch below:

On their new single, band’s Sam York explained: “’Compromised’ deals with the moral gymnastics that many of us struggle with daily just to be a human in this world. How do we balance our desire for material pleasures with our need to be seen as moral and good? What’s more important, the shoe or where it came from? How it was made or how it looks? I am no shining example and I struggle with this constantly.”

“Compromised” is from the Brooklyn-based band’s upcoming debut album Gentle Grip, which will be out on May 15th via Wharf Cat Records.