Chappaqua Wrestling’s “Early” Is Surf Rock Massage To Your Ears

Time to dive

Photo: PR courtesy

Brighton duo Chappaqua Wrestling submerges us into the breezy waters of dreamy riffs and invigorating harmony in new single “Early.” With starry-eyed lyrics that capture the initial highs of romance, “Early” is packed with gliding strings that gives you the perfect amount of laidback rush. With a pinch of coastal elements, “Early” feels like summer is already here:

“‘Early’ is the resurrection of a group of parts and a chorus written a while back,” explained the duo. “It’s something of a time traveller but has only recently been put together as a live song. The earliest notions of it date back to 2014 when we were in college, but the intro came as recently as a few weeks ago when we were in California.

It chronicles the early stages of a relationship and the late nights/early mornings that came with it, dipped in layered guitars and harmony riffs. It’s a helluva fun song to play, so we are hugely excited to release it.”

Comprised of Jake Mac and Charlie Woods, Chappaqua Wrestling is currently getting ready to release their new EP this spring. They’ll also start hitting stages in May:

Sat 02 May 2020 – Live At Leeds

Sun 03 May 2020. – Glasgow, Stag & Dagger

Sun 03 May 2020 – Newcastle, Hit The North Festival

Fri 31 Jul 2020 – Steventon, Oxfordshire, Truck Festival