Christian Cohle Explores Artificial Reality In “Breathe”

And it will make you question your own surroundings

Photo: Adrian Wojtas

Dublin artist Christian Cohle blurs the boundaries between imagination and reality, freedom and imprisonment in new video “Breathe.” Built on chest-swelling choruses and gorgeously ominous intensity, “Breathe” feels like a dark introspection where Christian ruminates on the emotional weight that comes with being disconnected from our own world. Watch below:

On his new single, Christian shared: “‘Breathe’ was predominantly informed by experiences I was going through at the time, but also very much influenced by the neo-noir science fiction film, Blade Runner 2049.”

On the video, Director Tristan Heanue shared: “The character struggles as his sense of connectivity to his world declines, and he is forced to adjust. Gradually he moves between this captivity and liberation, sometimes only briefly until he finally crosses over the threshold, and is freed, accepting his reality.”

“Breathe” is from Christian’s upcoming debut album Holy Trouble, which will be out later this year.