Yoste Gives Us An Unfiltered Look Into Toxic Relationship In “You Can’t Fix Me”

It’s highly hooky

Artwork: Courtesy of Island Records

Through adhesive beats and bouncy choruses, Yoste gives us the ultimate groove that gets immediately stuck in our heads titled “You Can’t Fix Me.” With its smashing riffs, the song immediately settles into your brain as Yoste examines the reality of toxic relationships – whether that is with someone, something, or oneself:

Kurt Sines is the Brisbane-based maestro behind Yoste, whose debut EP has already accumulated 70 million streams since its February 2019 release. On his music, Yoste shared:

“The big picture for me is to make concise, deep pop music. It’s such a simple and commonly held goal, and yet I don’t see the point in attempting to do anything less. You try to answer your own questions via the music and try to comment on what you see around you and basically try to make something cathartic that fits the moment you’re in,” Yoste reveals about the project. “I write a lot about apathy. To my mind, a lot of young, liberal, passionate people have lost some of our edge and self-awareness, and there’s a little more room to be self-referential and sardonic.”