ZØYA Detoxes C+ Relationships In “Outrageous”

Bye Felicia

Photo: Anna Yulina

LA-based artist ZØYA bids farewell to shitty relationships in new single “Outrageous” where she lets go of any abusive haters in her life. Layered with syncopated beats and offbeat hooks, “Outrageous” is an anthem that has a sense of distorted euphony to it where ZØYA’s vocals bloom seamlessly. Co-produced by Jon Joseph, “Outrageous” is like a poppier and edgier sound bath to get rid of any bad people’s juju:

In ZØYA’s own words: “‘Outrageous’ is about an emotionally abusive relationship. It highlights the importance of walking away from it even when it is difficult to let it go. The song lyrics are self-explanatory. When I am singing, ‘Outrageous’ I mean that someone has been outrageous to me in a sneaky and disrespectful way. This person has been behaving excessively bad and abusive towards me even after I had to confront it. I had to choose to say no to a ‘toxic stranger,’ and never allow that person to hurt me and/or emotionally abuse me (whether it was verbally or non-verbally) even when it was difficult to let that person go.”