RIELL Unveils The Toxicity Below Godplay In “Stubborn”


Photo: PR courtesy

Edmonton-based artist RIELL unpeels the excitement and rush layers that cover a toxic relationship in her new single “Stubborn.” With ominous undertones, the anthem dives deep into the manipulative tendencies of a partner who likes to play God – it’s dark, but the dooming tone of the song is what makes it a chest-pounding journey:

On her new single, RIELL shared:

“‘Stubborn’ was inspired after dating someone who threatened to commit suicide if I ever tried to leave him, but refused to get professional help. The relationship itself stemmed from an insecure need to feel needed, and a desire to fix people surrounding me – almost like playing God.”

“Stubborn” is just the first of five upcoming music videos that will tell the entire narrative of RIELL’s own journey, so stay tuned.