Tessa Dixson Explores The Flora Side Of Human Nature In “Tender Me”

Humans x flowers

Photo: Victor Pattyn

Brussels-based, Californian artist Tessa Dixson shows us her surreal vision of the crossover between humans and flowers in new single/video “Tender Me.” Filled with lush layers and flecks of soul elements, “Tender Me” is a melancholically buoyant electropop piece that captures the blooming nature of relationships through pristine, raw metaphors:

Regarding the inspiration behind the single, the gal shared:

“One rainy afternoon, I was very bored and was just dicking around on my phone and I came across this drawing that was just passing by on my Instagram of what seemed like two human bodies with flower heads giving each other water. The illustration was so simple but so pure and true as to what a relationship should be like. Two flowers growing and learning together, giving each other water to thrive and flourish.”

“Tender Me” is from Tessa’s upcoming debut album Genesis, which will be out on March 13th.