JVLY Takes Us Into Comforting Melancholia In “monsoon”

Lo-fi soul

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Aussie artist JVLY has shared his latest single “monsoon,” a lo-fi laidback piece with soulful layers that channel a sense of comforting melancholia. “monsoon” is a smoothly burning piece that has a mixture of ethereal and chill tones. Taken from JVLY’s upcoming sophomore EP, “monsoon” captures JVLY’s dexterity in crafting a soundscape that offers moody warmth:

“I’ve had this concept in mind for a while, but I’d never written anything fitting enough for the mood I was trying to capture. I like the idea of how feeling kind of forlorn can be made to seem less heavy on you by hearing a song you connect with or relate to. So that was kind of the idea, I wanted to capture that gloomy feeling, but at the same time still create a mood that helps you to see that it’s probably going to be all good.”

“monsoon” is out now via Mammal Sounds Records.