Llovers Made A Song For Half-Assers Out There Called “Feeling Sound”

Psych rock

Photo: Milly Hutchcraft

UK quintet Llovers captures the ever-changing and floating nature of half-assers in their new single “Feeling Sound.” If you’re wondering what it takes for someone to be a half-asser, think of all those people who just get distracted by useless things and do a mediocre job on serious stuffs like working on their confidence, opinions, etc. Yup, that’s a half-asser. With glimmering and sharp riffs, Llovers gives us playful soundscape to linger around while also giving us insight into what we may be half-assing lately:

“’Feeling Sound’ was one of the first songs written as Llovers. It’s about fickle opinions, insecurities and the desire to gloss over them with this idea of ‘Feeling Sound’, a term used in the North East for ‘feeling good’”

The track is from their upcoming sophomore EP I Don’t’ Wanna Be Alone, which they’ll be sharing more details soon. See them in person:

3rd March – Think Tank?, Newcastle (supporting Zuzu)

11th April – Stockton Calling

23rd May – CloseUp Festival, London