Marem Ladson Deserts Her Past In “No Sentir Nada”

Folk pop

Photo: Martina Hache

Madrid-based artist Marem Ladson invites us to the Tabernas desert in Almeria, Spain in her new video “No Sentir Nada” (“Feeling Nothing”). The track taps into letting go of the past and numbing any painful memories that may control you in the present. The video features Marem as a cowgirl who loses her horse outside of the saloon and is left alone to deal with the loss. Taken from her upcoming bilingual EP Azul, out on March 6th, “No Sentir Nada” is a folk pop graced with lo-fi details where the swooning croons of Marem takes us through the five stages of grief:

“I grew up listening to American folk, rock, and pop music, where the color blue is used as a metaphor for sadness. That has always been stuck in my mind,” shared Marem on her upcoming EP. “But recently, listening to more Spanish music, I realized azul is used as a metaphor for the complete opposite, happiness and cheerfulness. That felt like a revelation to me, and gave me some sort of hope. It made me think that maybe I should not assume that things are the way they are and cannot change. I can choose the meaning of things, nothing is absolute. So Azul is a revelation of hope.”

Marem will be playing at SXSW before heading to LA and NYC next month:

March 17 − Austin, TX @ Fortress of Updog (6:30pm, Swamp Sisters SXSW showcase)

March 18 − Austin, TX @ Half Step Bar (1p-5p, Paella Day SXSW)

March 19 − Ausin, TX @ HandleBar (7p, official SXSW showcase)

March 21 – Austin, TX @ Javelina Bar (KEXP “El Sonido” showcase)

March 20 − Austin, TX @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse (4:30p showcase)

March 26 − Los Angeles, CA @ The Hotel Cafe

March 30 − New York, NY @ Lola