Cj Pandit Celebrates The Carnal Aspect Of Romance In New Single “Digital Love”

Love beyond technology

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UK artist Cj Pandit reminds us of the carnal value of real human connection in the digital age in new single “Digital Love.” Rather than condemning technology as an evil hindrance, Cj Pandit tries to find a balance between the physical and digital when it comes to modern romance. Stream below:

Speaking of the influence behind his new track, he shared:

“However far technology and the world progresses we’ll still have a deep desire to be cheek to cheek with someone we love and be able to reach out and touch them. I love and hate the digital world we all now inhabit but wouldn’t change it for anything, No matter how cold it can feel at times there’s always something so simply human at the root of any communication. And if i can see the person i love’s face on the other side of the world in real time at the end of my arm then i think that’s pretty fucking beautiful. Of course it’s got it’s downfalls, the world being smaller than ever can push us to  feel lonelier than ever but it’s such an amazing tool.”

Be on the lookout for more news from Cj Pandit this year.