Conrad Addresses Lopsided Relationships In “No God”


Artwork: Courtesy of Twin Music Inc

Manchester artist Conrad wraps our heads around the lopsided relationship we have with our own planet in new single “No God.” Lyrically, the song’s narrative feels like a romance where the emotional imbalance leads to its destructive end. Using this one-to-one intimacy metaphor, Conrad captures our own messed up relationship with our planet:

“‘No God’ is a song that reflects on a massively one sided relationship and the realisation that it’s tipped past the point of no return,” explained Conrad. “When I went into the studio to write it, the concept came from the abusive relationship we have with our planet but by personifying the story it’s relatable to anyone who’s ever been in a relationship like that.”

“No God” is from Conrad’s upcoming debut EP, which will be out this summer. You can catch him onstage in the upcoming weeks:

March 20 | London, Omeara

May 3 | Hit The North

May 4 | Live At Leeds

May 15 | The Great Escape Festival