Apache Rose Gives Us A Bite Of Fame & Full Course Of Rock In “Attention!”

“Just put my Grammy for best whining”

Photo: PR courtesy

Moscow rockers Apache Rose addresses every artist’s desire to have their ‘break’ in the scene in their new smashing banger “Attention!” It’s an explosive, adrenaline-filled anthem that delivers the old school elements of 90s paired with classical British rock that have been dipped with the band’s own avant-garde flair. “Attention!” is a comedy of its own where Apache Rose addresses and mocks the desire for fame and stardom that many artists strive for, but only few achieve. “It looks like I’m gonna make it / Give or take / Baby make no mistake / I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna make it” chants Apache Rose. There is an equal amount of hope, optimism, and self-mockery within the lyrics that every aspiring Millennial/Gen Z can relate in an age of saturated competition. “Attention!” reminds us both the despair and hope present within our own aspirations:

According to Apache Rose:

“The song is an ironic first person account of a fledgling rock star wanting it really bad to make it. But it’s not a mean parody it’s more of a stylized and self deprecating description of how a indie band from Russia really wants break out

We didn’t mean to write an ironic song, but it really wrote itself. I often come up with phrases and write them down. So when time came to get the lyrics for Attention done I looked into my notebook and all the elements were there scattered across the pages: «Attention, attention seekers», «Grammy for whining/Oscar for bitching» and «Give or take/make no mistake». That set the path clearly.”

“Attention!” was written and produced by Ilya Noyokhatskiy and features a rotating crew of musicians. The track, along with its previously released debut single “Tiny Love,” has been featured in various Spotify playlists across Europe and US. Keep Apache Rose under your radar as the band will be releasing more goods this year.