Ptolemea Navigates Through Our Own Polarities In “Maze”

Alternative rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Alternative rockers Ptolemea beckons us into the ambiguous territory of finding balance within the polar extremes of our own selves in new single and video “Maze.” The track showcases frontwoman Priscila Da Costa facing both the dark and light sides of her persona while also capturing the band’s chemistry onstage. Taken from their upcoming EP Maze, it captures the band’s latest endeavor in understanding our own controversial ends. Through its smashing layers of drum kicks and sinister synth riffs, “Maze” is a melodic seesaw that cuts through your eardrums as Ptolemea lures you into its garage, bluesy waters with rock’n’roll swagger:

“The purpose of this EP is to musically describe the polarity we all have inside of us: good vs bad, angel vs devil, ego vs essence of the soul. The songs of the EP describe different moments of that inner confusion giving us sometimes that feeling that we are in a ‘Maze,’ with no way out of our thoughts,” shared Ptolemea.

Comprised of Remo Cavallini (guitar), Yves Oek (bass), Martin Schommer (drums), Christophe Reitz (e-violin) and Priscila Da Costa (vocals, guitar), Ptolemea is currently based in Luxembour. The quintet is known for crafting broody, upbeat sound that is rock at its core, but embellished with cross-genre elements. They’ve previously opened for Ten Years After and played at various festivals across Europe. Their upcoming EP will consist of six tracks and will be out on March 13th via Floor of the Rockhal.