We Saw The Amazons At El Rey & It Was Glorious

They brought their black magic onstage

Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

UK quartet The Amazons wrapped up their North American tour with Dirty Honey last Friday, February 28th at El Rey in Los Angeles. And like any gigwhore, we saw them live. From their behemoth stage dynmaics to visceral sound, The Amazons radiates a peculiar grit in both their sound and stage language that yield a swaggering lure. If you haven’t already, check out their latest record:

During the set, they played an array of anthems that had one thing in common: smashing grooviness. Each member played its parts with deliberate craft and spontaneity – at this point, the way that they stroked the chords and hit the drums looked like a kneejerk reaction towards the mad crowd disease in front of them. And while they delivered a collection of bombastic songs, our favorite was the laidback “Junk Food Forever.” The track does not fit into the lo-fi, stoner sound that seems to be the du jour trend nowadays. It’s aggressive and vivid on its own, but onstage The Amazons transforms it into an intimate moment while keeping its rock’n’roll DNA. Melodically, they tone down and let the audience fully inhale the lyrics – it is the moment when you become sober, temporarily, and fully connect with the band:

If there was a track that we would love to listen to during a pre-apocalyptic party (before we all die in flames), it would be “Black Magic.” The audience got rowdier, the beer breath got heavier, and our feet got bouncier as the whole venue chanted “Black magic, come on.” The performance was the most cathartic one, letting both the band and the attendees indulge in their thrashing chemistry.

You can catch The Amazons in festival stages this upcoming spring/summer:

5/1 – Teddy Rocks Festival (Blandford Forum, UK)

7/9 – 2000trees Upcote Farm (Withington, UK)

7/24 – Y Not Festival (Pikehall, UK)

8/13 – Gopsall Hall Farm (Bottesford, UK)

8/15 – 110 Above Festival (Leicester, UK)