All We Are Gives Us A Lesson On Half-Assed Recommendations In “Bad Advice”

And it’s an 80s groovy fest

Photo: Rebecca Hawley

All We Are takes us back to 80s dance era in their new video “Bad Advice,” where the trio showcase their swaggering choreography. “Bad Advice” is from the band’s upcoming third album, which is still in the works. It’s also a biting remark regarding half-assed recommendations that people give you based on quackery:

On the new track, the trio shared: “In this jungle of half-truths, pseudo-science and vagina scented candles, what seems like the best advice isn’t always given with the best intentions. That is BAD ADVICE and it’s just not good enough.”

On the video, Director Moon shared: “As soon as I heard the track, it felt like the opening to a tv show or a musical, that’s where the whole opening credits theme came from. I’d always wanted to do a video on skates, but after building the entire storyboard and getting hyped about the idea, I realised that the band probably couldn’t skate amazingly. My workaround was to green screen the top half of them and stick it on top of some amazing skaters doing a cool routine in a sick 80s roller disco.”

All We Are is comprised of Norwegian vocalist/bassist Guro Gikling, Brazilian guitarist Luis Santos, and Irish drummer/vocalist Richard O’Flynn. The trio will be playing across the UK this month:

March 21 – Arts Club @ Liverpool, UK

March 22 – Brudenell Social Club @ Leeds, UK

March 24 – Colours Hoxton @ London, UK

July 25 – Bluedot Festival @ Macclesfield, UK

September 4-6 – End of the Road Festival @ Salisbury, UK