Blondage’s Hermit Side Meets Swing Dancers In New Video “I Love Music”

Party time

Photo: Zille Bostinius

Danish artist Blondage swings us between isolation and community in her new video “I Love Music” where we get hopscotched between a lonely hotel room and crowded dancefloor. In the hotel room, we see the gal alone struggling with her own restlessness while in the dancefloor, we see various people waltzing with their partners. Through the striking contrast, the gal captures the ups and downs of pursuing one’s passion – in this case music – which can often feel lonely at times and provide an irreplaceable sense of connectedness at times:

On her video, Blondage noted: “This was the first time I’d ever tried to shoot on film, which was a whole new experience. The swing dancers made it absolutely amazing, and I love how the two universes speak together in the video. My scene in the hotel room is a visualization of the process I went through while making this EP, where I had to find the spirit and passion within myself. I am not afraid to show the frustration and uncertainty that comes with pursuing one’s dream, and wanted the imagery to reflect the true emotions behind my songs.”

“I Love Music” is the title track of the gal’s latest sophomore EP, which is out now. Blondage has an EP release show coming up:

3/6 – Jolene (Copenhagen, Denmark)