Here’s Oddnesse’s “All American Lie” For Your Existential Crisis 2.0

The dark side of chasing the American Dream

Photo: Daniel Johnson

LA-based artist Oddnesse exposes the dark side of the American Dream in her new single “All American Lie,” a laidback piece tinted with elements of folk and Americana with the groovy DNA of pop at its core. The track is inspired by Oddnesse’s own experience being in the never-ending rat race and Robert Bly’s The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart. Stream below:

“It is possible that the United States has achieved the first consistent culture of denial in the modern world. Denial can be considered as an extension – into all levels of society – of the naive person’s inability to face the harsh facts of life…This habit of not seeing, and lying about life, has been attached like a limpet to the American soul.” Robert Bly, The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

In Oddnesse’s own words: “This song came from the gut-wrenching experience of facing my own personal denial. For years I lied to myself, thinking I was okay to self-compromise in the name of productivity, status or success. The American dream. I oversubscribed to values of ‘positive thinking,’ ‘not complaining,’ and ‘being of service’ just to keep my soul in golden handcuffs where I thought I was safest. Zooming out, the song speaks to a larger spiritual dissonance of an entire culture wanting to run away with the parade rather than face the fire. In his anthology quoted above, Robert Bly puts together a selection of poems on the theme, ‘Making a Hole in Denial.’ I follow in those poets footsteps with this humble bit of Americana-pop. May it not be too late for me, for you, or the world.”

Oddnesse is set to play at The Love Song Bar in Los Angeles on March 9th.