Cj Pandit’s New Video “Digital Love” Is An Ode To Internet Romance, CDs & MSN

And more retro technology

Photo: PR courtesy

Cj Pandit pushes the nostalgia buttons of Millennials in new video “Digital Love,” where he reminds us of all the retro technologies that the aging generation grew up with – MSN, CDs, old iPhone text bubbles, MySpace, Match, and more. Directed and edited by himself with the help of his photographer friend Vzavz, it’s a stop motion video that feels like you’re traveling to the past on acid:

On the inspiration behind his single, Cj Pandit shared: “I wanted to try and understand how we can find and use human connection as some kind of prize or thing to work towards, and it essentially made me realise that it’s the holy grail.”

Stay tuned for more news from Cj Pandit this year.