Beachtape’s “Somewhere Better” Is Spa Meditation Music X Stoner Jam

Surf rock

Photo: Pilar Matij-Cabello

Brighton quartet Beachtape has dropped their sun-kissed, surf-rock single “Somewhere Better” that transports you to the warm coasts of a deserted island – at least in your imagination. Filled with hazy waves and grainy tones, “Somewhere Better” exhibits the laidback vibe of slacker pop that makes it feel breezy. It’s like spa meditation meets stoner music:

On their new single, the band shared:

“It’s about change. The inevitable changes in our future, and reflecting on changes from our past. The idea of something feeling so significant in the moment, but becoming so insignificant over time and vice versa. Our lives in and outside of the band have changed a lot over the last year and we’re all in completely different places to what we may have imagined a year ago.”

The track is from their upcoming new EP Bigger Picture, which will be out on April 10th. They’re also playing SXSW and Live At Leeds:

SXSW: Fri 20th March, 8pm – The Line of Best Fit showcase @ Seven Grand

2nd May – Live At Leeds